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How to Use This Site

Not sure how to get around the site? This page can help! Below is a brief description of each page, what it does, and how it works.

Home Page

The Home page is contains a welcome message and any important information that we want to make sure you don't miss. It also has a Quick Search which allows you to quickly find a service provider; this is helpful if you already know the name of the provider you are looking for, the service you need, or simply want to see all providers that serve your zip code.

Search for Services

The Search for Services page is one of the ways you can access the Advanced Search and the the Search by Need features. The page provides a description of and link to both of the search features.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search page lets you search for services and providers using a variety of filters. This search is useful when you have an idea of the types of services or providers you want to find but don't know specific names, if you want to find providers that serve a region, county, or town instead of a specific zip code.

Search by Need

The Search by Need page allows you to indicate what your needs are and where you would like to receive services. We use those answers to suggest providers that may be able to fill those needs. This search is useful when you know what your need help with but are not familiar with the types of services that are available or the providers in your community.

Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is a library of resources, information, documents, and links to other websites. You can browse by subject or search for specific topics. 

Click Here to go to the Knowledge Center Page

Am I Eligible for Services?

The Am I Eligible for Services page allows you to determine if you might be eligible for particular programs or services by simply answering a few questions. You can choose to have someone contact you with additional information about those programs or services or, if you don't qualify, other options that might be available to you.


The Community page gives you access to a Calendar of Events, a discussion forum, and classified ads for services and goods.


The Calendar lists events, meetings, and gatherings that may be of interest to you. You can click on an event to see full details.


The Surveys page allows you to give us your feedback on this site, the providers you work with, and our staff. Your comments help us ensure quality, timely services!

About Us

The About Us page tells you about our agency, key staff, and our mission to meet the needs of our community.

Contact Us

The Contact Us page contains our physical and mailing addresses, our email address, and phone number you can use to directly contact our staff with questions. You can also send us a comment directly from the website to request additional information or to report an issue.


The Help page provides access to information on how to use the site, a glossary of terms and acronyms used in this site, and a map of the site.

How to Use This Site
You're already on this page! As you can tell, this page gives you a description of what each page on the site does or can be used for.

The Glossary page is a list of terms and acronyms used throughout this site. You can browse through the terms or quickly jump to the term you're looking for.

Site Map

The Site Map presents a visual map of how the site is organized and the pages/content available.

Information for Providers

The Information for Providers page contains information on how providers can apply to work with our agency, as well as licensing and certification requirements and regulations. This page and associated subpages are not used in every state and may not be visible on this site.

General Information

The General Information page provides general information to providers on the process of applying to become a licensed or certified provider and related requirements and regulations.

Become a Provider

The Become a Provider page allows a provider to submit an initial application to our agency. Once the initial application has been received, a licensing or certification specialist will contact the provider with information about completing the application.

Harmony Consumer Module

The Harmony Consumer Module page contains information on the Consumer Module, a way for interested consumers to request access to the module, and the ability to for consumers that already have an account to login. This page and associated subpages are not used in every state and may not be visible on this site.

General Information

The General Information page provides a description of the features and information available in the Consumer Module.

Request an Account

The Request an Account page allows you to request access to the Consumer Module. Once you submit a request, a care specialist will contact you with information about how to login.


The Login page allows individuals with accounts to login to the Consumer Module where they can see information about the services they are receiving and can communicate with their care team.