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The Nam Dao is built on 25/3/1806, where this was constructed by king Gia Long after he passed to the throne, in the village of Ocean Spring, South of Hue city. However, the ruins outside reflect the misconception of humans about the universe, but is a special point to attract quite many tourists visit this place. In the past, Nam Dao was surrounded by a wall of basalt, the pine trees planted around the be taken care of by those who have planted them. Today, when guests visit, can learn about religious beliefs, politics, and society, and feudal orient in general and the Nguyen dynasty in particular is a mode completely different from western.
Quoc hoc high school is high school first and oldest of Vietnam, this is a school only for the children of the royal family and wealthy family in the old society. The school was established in 1896, however, has more than 100 years has suffered through many styles, storm of time, but still preserve intact the looks of its original. The schoolhouse was built by a consortium including the school room, the pitch to the activity, sport, and dormitories for students to stay. Not only is the interest attract many tourists, but it also is a symbol of hardworking, studious, respect for learning and always achieve high achievement in learning of our nation. A number of political leaders, Vietnam has attended such as Nguyen tat Thanh, general Vo Nguyen Giap...

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